Movie One Liners & Misc Artwork 2023

BVCG Galleria Sept 2023 - A to M or N to Y

Letterscapes Memories - June 2023 (June 2023)

Galleria Artwork January 2023 (PDF)

 Galleria Artwork May 2022 (PDF) "Unusual Tools & Letters"

BVCG  Envelope Exchange 2022

Misc Images Gallery

Galleria Artwork January 2022  another ZOOM get together

BVCG Envelope Exchange 2021  

Our 1st ZOOM Galleria was held on Oct 12, 2021. Click on image to see the artwork presented that evening. 

 Enrichment, Workshop and Journal Tutorial Artwork - click on artwork to see more:


Click HERE or on image for 40th Anniversary Member artwork

Click to see our 40th Anniversary, members' artwork set up at the Calgary Central Library 

11 years of envelopes sent to Stop & Go. Click image for a larger view.

Click 40th image below to see all the amazing artwork celebrating our anniversary from renowned calligraphers.

40th Anniversary Publicity:

Watch the CTV video from April 29, 2021 - Calligraphy Becoming a Popular Pandemic Pastime HERE
Read the CBC article and watch some penmanship HERE
The Homestretch with Doug Dirks, Jenny Howe (March 26, 2021) HERE

Boxes, Textures - Oh My! (Barbara Close enrichment)

 Fibonacci Artwork






Carol Buchanan - (March 2021)

Designing a new banner for Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild in the summer of 2020.

It had to be bold and bright and easy to read...eye-catching in other words!

Christine Ahmad started with Kirsten Horel’s paste papers for the colourful backgrounds and then over-laid and arranged various lettering samples, some formal, some more whimsical to showcase the diversity that calligraphy has developed into over the years.

Many thanks go to the contributing calligraphers: George Huitema, Renate Worthington, Kerri Forster, Valerie Louis, Lynn Slevinsky, Christine Ahmad and Kirsten Horel for permission to use their samples. The BVCG logo create by Martin Jackson, is another element of the design.

The new banner is portable, lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to store, and a pleasing advertisement for the work we do. It will be used to promote the BVCG at community events and calligraphy meetings as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Guild and beyond. 

Xmas Cards 2020

Fish Creek Exhibit - Nov 8 - 28, 2020








Apron Fundraiser



Calligrams (Oct 27, 2013)  Resolution Gallery Exhibit (May 2011)

Year Long Class Exercises (2010-2011)

Workshop with Christine Ahmad (May 2010)  

Workshop with Georgia Deaver (October 2009) 

Xmas Party Dec 2012

In The Archives: 
Artwork from our Members

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