BVCG Envelope Exchange 2021

Donna Uncles to Jeri Wright (April 2021)
Donna Uncles to Jeannine Alexander (April 2021)

Donna Uncles to Barb Fuller (April 2021)
Donna Uncles - card inserts (April 2021)
Leslie Cropper to Annie Froese (April 2021)
Jeri Wright to Renate Worthington (April 2021)
Jeri Wright to Cathy Anne Bauer (April 2021

Jeri Wright to Donna Uncles (April 2021)

Cathy Anne Bauer to Renate Worthington (Mar 2021)

Cathy Anne Bauer to Roxanne Smit (Mar 2021)

 Renate Worthington to Cathy Anne Bauer (Mar 2021)

Renate Worthington to Donna Uncles (Mar 2021)

Donna Uncles to Barb Fuller (March 2021)
Barb Fuller to Jeri Wright (March 2021)
Leslie Cropper to Yogi (Mar/21)

Roxanne Smit to Leslie (March 2021) Simple Type for the mono line hand on the envelope. I got the envelopes at the thrift store for next to nothing but it’s a square shape and it meant that I had to make the card. I painted a eucalyptus on Canson 140 lb rough paper. I simply mounted the watercolour on a piece of grey yardstick and viola! a nice card...

Barb Fuller to Renate Worthington (Feb 2021)

 Cathy Bauer to Yogi (Feb 2021)

  Roxanne Smit to Yogi (Feb 2021)

 Leslie Cropper for Roxanne Smit (Feb 2021)

Renate to Leslie Cropper - Fully Open (Feb2021)

Renate to Barb Fuller - Fully Open (Feb2021)

Renate to Leslie Cropper and Barb Fuller (Feb2021) Oriental brush with watercolors to create the strokes, trying to get them to "merge" where the envelope folded over at the back. That's the tough part. A smaller brush pen made the name; a Sharpie did the addresses.

Yogi to Renate Worthington - (Feb2021)

Yogi to Renate Worthington - Card (Feb2021) name on the envie and card, Pointed pen for doodling and Holbien gouache. The purple (Geranium & Peacock mix), the pink "Opera" and the red "Flame Red". I used to HATE gouache... I used to use Winsor and Newton and then I switched to Holbien and loving it since. Doodled around. I had seen a piece by Benoit Furet - he used stylized roses, but I figured anything could be used. BIG GRIN. Die cuts, Distress pads and Crackle stamp and edging with Krylon Gold leafing pen on the card and a Pink Zig Writer on the envie. One of the new Chinese New Year stamps

Thea Lynn Paul to Jeanine Alexander (Jan 2021)

Laurie Broadhurst to Yogi (Jan 2021)

Laurie Broadhurst to Roxanne Smit (Jan2021)

Joan Bailey to Alexis Reiter (Jan2021)
ivory envelope with Bombay Inks, pointed nib, and a Micron Black .01 marker

Barb Fuller To Cathy Bauer (Jan 2021)

Leslie Cropper to Laurie Broadhurst (Jan 2021)

Leslie Cropper for Joan Bailey (Jan 2021)
Jeanine Alexander to Cathy Anne Bauer (Jan 2021)

Cathy Bauer to Leslie Cropper (Jan 2021)

Cathy Bauer to Thea Lynn (Jan 2021)
Roxanne Smit to Barb Fuller (Jan 2021)

The lettering is inspired by Lynn Slevinsky. I’m borrowing Sherry Woolgar’s Sizzix and just had to try the embossing. The watercolour is based on a You Tube video by Ellen Crimi Trent.

Yogi To Alexis Reiter (Jan 2021)

Env: 6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink in an Italic style. Doodled with pointed pen and Kuretake Gold Mica ink (my new favorite gold ink...), Envelope edged with Krylon Gold Leafing pen.


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