Side Bar Banner 2020

Designing a new banner for Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild in the summer of 2020.

It had to be bold and bright and easy to read...eye-catching in other words!

Christine Ahmad started with Kirsten Horel’s paste papers for the colourful backgrounds and then over-laid and arranged various lettering samples, some formal, some more whimsical to showcase the diversity that calligraphy has developed into over the years.

Many thanks go to the contributing calligraphers: George Huitema, Renate Worthington, Kerri Forster, Valerie Louis, Lynn Slevinsky, Christine Ahmad and Kirsten Horel for permission to use their samples. The BVCG logo create by Martin Jackson, is another element of the design.

The new banner is portable, lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to store, and a pleasing advertisement for the work we do. It will be used to promote the BVCG at community events and calligraphy meetings as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Guild and beyond.

The artwork on our website header and below our menu, features the banner and portions of the banner for us all to enjoy.

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