Drop-In Calligraphy

Drop - In Calligraphy:   

At St. Andrew’s Hall, 2504 – 13th Avenue NW, Saturday, 10 am to approximately 3 pm.  Online lessons have been amazing  but maybe you are wondering: what did they mean by “interlinear” spacing and “x-height”. Did you purchase that ruling pen and a B-nib but they are just not working for you? Are you looking for a deeper dive into a particular lettering style, maybe some coaching about layout and design? Drop-In Calligraphy Day will be one-size-fits-all: beginner to experienced calligraphers. Examine your WORK IN PROGRESS with those in attendance, brain storm ideas, and learn valuable tips from others’ experiences. Check out what products others are using. Adrienne Waller will be there with her iPad and Procreate to help anyone interested in learning art on their iPad. The Library will be open.  Enjoy some dedicated time with your problematic pen or other tools, your love of letters, and other calligraphy enthusiasts. Watch the eBulletins for more information. Questions? Please contact Kerri Forster (kerri@cfadvanced.com)

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