In-person meetings resumed in September, 2022 In-person meetings are held at St. Andrews Hall, 2504-13 Avenue NW. Our online enrichment offerings were popular during Covid and will continue during January, February and March of 2023and again in 2024. Please have a careful look at the calendar of online and in-person gatherings. Do watch for updates on this website and in our bi-weekly eBulletins. Thank you to all members for your support!



Mon March 13: ZOOM executive meeting, 7 pm

Sat Mach 25: online Enrichment – Brushy Italics with Viktor Kams 10am - 12pm

There will be no in-person meeting this month. There will be an online enrichment. Watch the eBulletin for details.


Mon April 17: ZOOM executive meeting, 7 pm

Tue April 25: in-person meeting at St. Andrews Hall (2504-13 Avenue NW) 7 – 9 pm. Library, Show & Share, Galleria "BUGS", and enrichment. (“Art on the iPad” presented by Adrienne Waller)


Mon, May 1: deadline for registering your artwork the LETTERSCAPES exhibition in June 

May 1, 3 & 5: ZOOM class - Ewan Clayton 9am to 12:30pm MT (See Workshop page HERE)

Mon, May 15:  ZOOM executive meeting, 7 pm

Thur, May 25: deadline for receiving your artwork for the LETTERSCAPES exhibition in June.

Thur, May 25: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, in-person at St. Andrews Hall (2504-13 Avenue NW) 7 – 9 pm.  Library, Show & Share, and for the enrichment (The Hand-Made Book Through Time presented by Susan Keyes).


June 1- 30 – LETTERSCAPES – Calligraphy in Calgary at the Calgary Central Library, 800 3 St SE, Calgary, AB 

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Click HERE for Exhibition Registration Form 

Mon June 12ZOOM executive meeting, 7 pm


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