Abbey Library of St. Gall, Switzerland (131 manuscripts online)
Cynscribe(links to everything calligraphic)
Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Graphic Artists' Guild(their Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook has contract samples, and sample quotes for various calligraphy jobs)
IAMPETH - The International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting
Saint John's Bible
Society For Calligraphy (see their eBulletin)
Society of Scribes and Illuminators
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG)
The Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer
Warmland Calligraphers

US/Canadian Guilds & Societies List (updated JANUARY 2021) (PDF)

Kensington Art Supply (show your BVCG membership card for a discount)
Swinton's Art Supply (show your BVCG membership card for a discount)
Mona Lisa Artists' Materials
Inglewood Art Supplies
Paper Pastimes
The Paint Spot (Edmonton)
Quietfire Design
Opus Framing and Art Supplies
Island Blue Print
John Neal, Bookseller
Paper & Ink Arts
Speedball Art Products
Destination Art

Karin Huehold
Kathy Guthrie
Martin Jackson
Renate Worthington
Suzanne Cannon
Thea Lynn Paul 
Yogi Grunwald
Valerie Louis

BVCG Procreate Club  (BVCG Digital Calligraphy Club)

See more members' work in our Gallery.

Amity Parks

Barbara Close
Benoit Furet
Cari Buziak
Carl Rohrs
Carrie Imai
Cherryl Moote
Christopher Haanes
Connie Furgason
Cora Pearl
Dave Wood
Debbie Thompson Wilson
Denis Brown
Ewan Clayton
Gemma Black
Georgia Angelopoulos 

Loredana Zega (Instagram)
Lorraine Douglas 
Massimo Polello
Pamela Paulsrud
Paul Antonio
Paul Herrera
Sharon Zeugin
Thomas Hoyer
Yves Leterme
Yukimi Annand  (Instagram)  (Facebook)



Julie Wildman

Massimo Polella
If you missed Massimo's brush caps class you can now buy the recording of it.
Capital Variations with Brush Pen

John Neal Books
Online Classes

Cari Buziak - Aon Celtic Art

Karin Huehold
Online Workshops

Barbara Close

Denis Brown
Calligraphy Masterclass
The Celtic Masterclass

Reggie Ezell

Acorn Arts
Calligraphy and Art Classes


Future Learn
The History of the Book in the Early Modern Period: 1450 to 1800

A simple guide lines generator for calligraphers

Nadine Resch
The Story of Blackletter

Carnegie Museums from Home
Things to do
Carnegie Museum of Art

Artists' Network
Art Community Support and Resource Center
Culture + Creativity Fix | Art Online Inspiration

 Southern California Society For CALLIGRAPHY
Dec 2019 newsletter (PDF)

Spend some time in another century!
If you love history, you have to visit

Manuscripts and Palaeography is a good place to start.

If you like to DIY, you can make your own medieval artists’ tools.

Warning: You may lose track of time. Be prepared for a long stay.
I'm not going to mention that you can buy a castle, but you can.
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