The BVCG maintains an extensive library of calligraphy and lettering books and newsletters available to BVCG Members who can personally attend BVCG meetings. You will find:

All library items must be picked up and returned to BVCG at in-person meetings at St. Andrew’s Hall. The Library opens 30 minutes before the start of each meeting, giving Members time to return and check-out books. The library circulation rules are:

  •     Up to three books can be checked out at any one time.
  •     The circulation period is the time between in-person meetings.
  •     Books can be renewed for one circulation period unless another Member has placed a hold on the books.
  •     Members are responsible for returning their books at the end of the circulation or renewal period.
  •     Members are responsible for picking up held books at the next BVCG meeting.
  •     If a Member does not attend the next meeting to pick up the held book, the hold will be removed unless the Member has asked to extend the Hold. Holds will not be extended if the item is on a hold wait list.
  • ·   If any library items are past due, no other items may be checked out.

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