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Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild Kitchen Classes
The following is a list of experienced instructors and some instruction possibilities. In the past they have taught BVCG workshops, private lessons, at Community Centres, at Kerby Centre or in programs around Calgary. You can put together your own class. More classes are listed on our website.

Class ideas:
HISTORICAL AND TRADITIONAL CALLIGRAPHY ALPHABETS - Uncial, Italic, Gothic (also called Black Letter or Old English), Copperplate, Carolingian, Spencerian, Roman Capitals using traditional tools and techniques.

Learn about decorating those large main capital letters in this mostly drawing class. They make great feature letters for scrapbooks, journals, or special verses and cards. Colouring pens, paper and handouts are supplied for this two-hour session. Pre-drawn letters will be available for beginners and the younger participants to use as their models.

Create modern designs and express your creative self with this workshop.

Learn the secrets to fun new alphabets that you can use every day to make your pages special. Use these letters in your journals, a scrapbook, a card, wherever. In this two-hour session you will create a small project.

Use a special calligraphy pen to make these interesting letters, and create a project or card. Pens, paper and handouts are supplied for the two-hour session.

Create an eight-fold book using copy paper, scissors and a bone folder. Calligraphic doodling using a special calligraphy pen will decorate the book. We will also use erasers as stamps to add interest.

Try out some fun easy monoline lettering styles with some quick loose drawings that will go well in any journal. It’s so much fun to record small parts of our lives, and be able to look back at them later.

The following instructors are offering “Kitchen Classes” in small groups or private lessons, listed according to the quadrant of the city where each lives. The average fee is noted. Please confirm with the instructor at the time of booking.
Groups of four or more:
$20/$35 per person per session (confirm details with each instructor)
Private lessons:
$35/$55 per hour per person (confirm details with each instructor)

Shelly Ann Guinn (cell 403-617-5055) I offer lessons on Copperplate, Spencerian, any alphabet, versals, monoline, using various tools and gilding. I provide a supply list for your class so students can pick up their supplies. For Copperplate and Spencerian, I will have some supplies on hand, or order them for the students. Classes generally are at my home, exceptions made at time of request.

Karin Huehold - - I love teaching watercolour - it can be used in so many ways - backgrounds for your letters, drawing letters with a brush, filling nibs with beautiful colours, etc. I also love using line to design my work...find your own design style, draw your words and shapes and watercolour them in.


Renate Worthington

Kerri Forster I like to teach ruling pen, pointed brush and pointed pen lettering.

Nancy Penner Dormer I love arting with paper to create 3D
structures such as arty books, origami and 15 compartment Zhen Xian Bao (Chinese needle
thread pocket book). The books are a great space for showcasing your lettering or artwork.

Margaret van Diest I like teaching the basics of calligraphy…Bookhand, Uncial, Blackletter, so that students understand the pen angles and learn to use pen and ink (after a felt marker).

Yogi Grunwald  Current class schedule available now at

Information is also available by calling (voice mail) 403-271-8228

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