Find A Calligraphy Instructor

Find A Calligraphy Instructor

NW Calgary

Donna Uncles

Interested in brush watercolour florals? What about Neuland, versals, Uncial or Blackletter alphabets? We will use traditional calligraphy pens, inks and watercolour paint to explore classic and expressive mark making.


Karin Huehold

I love teaching watercolour - it can be used in so many ways - backgrounds for your letters, drawing letters with a brush, filling nibs with beautiful colours, etc. I also love using line to design my work. I encourage students to find their own design style, draw words and shapes and then add watercolour.

SE Calgary 

Margaret van Diest 

I like teaching the basics of calligraphy: Bookhand, Uncial, and Blackletter, so that students understand the pen angles and learn to use pen and ink (after a felt marker).

Valerie Louis

Instagram: @valcalligraphy



Valerie is a professional calligrapher, hand engraver, decorative painter and instructor. She specializes in live events, plus hand and digital calligraphy services. Her past clients include Herm├Ęs, Jo Malone, Saks 5th Ave, Sephora, and Mount Royal University. She is based in Calgary, but is available for live events in all of Alberta, Vancouver and Regina. She has had the pleasure of working with clients from all around the world and would love to create something special for you.
In addition to live events, Valerie enjoys working on private commissions, lettering for invitations, and digital calligraphy. She enjoys teaching pointed pen, cursive handwriting, illumination, engraving and decorative painting. Valerie is a certified American Cursive Handwriting Instructor, in a program created by Master Penman Michael Sull and Marie Hornback. She is also a creative ambassador for Ferris Wheel Press stationery products.

SW Calgary

Kerri Forster 

I like to teach ruling pen, pointed brush and pointed pen lettering.


Renate Worthington 

I have a passion for lettering styles of all kinds, and teach a variety of letterforms, using different nibs, pens, markers and brushes.



Connie Furgason

Lettering Arts Instructor in a wide variety of alphabet styles. I also teach multiple classes in watercolours / mixed media ranging from florals, landscapes, journalling and abstract.

 Rural - Cochrane Area

Tara Hayden

In terms of calligraphy, I love to teach pointed pen, pointed brush and pencil lettering.  I have experience teaching many other creative pursuits such as watercolour, doodling, acrylics and discovering more about oneself through playful, creative experimentation. 




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