Join the BVCG and enjoy the following benefits as a member of our Guild :
  • Three Journals per year.
  • An automatic invitation to attend our informative meetings
  • Utilization of our extensive library collection of calligraphic and related materials
  • Participation in Guild sponsored calligraphy events
  • Discounts at select local retail art stores by showing your BVCG membership card

Annual membership dues are payable on March 31 of each year. 

Please note any dues paid after January 1st will have a membership starting April 1st
Membership runs from April 1st to March 31st 

Annual  fees for Canadians $45.00/1year or $90.00/ 2years (by check or cash)
PayPal for Canadian membership  HERE

US and INTERNATIONAL Memberships:

Annual  fees for US residents $50.00US/1year
PayPal for US membership HERE

Annual  fees for International  residents $55.00US/1year
PayPal for International membership HERE

Paying by check, please make your checks payable to Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild (or BVCG) and send your check to:
                              Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild
                               Attn: Membership Registrar
                                P. O. Box 1647, Station M
                          Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2L7    

E-mail Membership Registrar

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