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Do you have a special occasion coming up? A wedding, graduation, or party event?

A gift of words written from the heart, an old poem with lots of soul, a special occasion... hand written calligraphy can make a unique and personal memento. Beautiful lettering adds a special touch to anything from envelopes to place cards, invitations to guest books, from testimonials and certificates to quotes and poems. It can also be an element of interior design on walls, cloth table runners, on glass and other surfaces, even clay pots. Anything that begs for wonderful lettering, we can do it!

If you have a project that needs calligraphy or illumination, please contact us. Include as many specifics about the project as you can, e.g. your expected deadline, quantity of items required, your budget, and a general outline of the project. Then we can forward your request to the most appropriate calligrapher.

Send project details and contact information via Email or Phone: (403) 271-8228

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